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"He’s very naughty. He won’t play with his toys. He only plays with his kitchen utensils."

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Student loan debt has more than doubled since 2006, from $509 billion to a staggering $1.3 trillion. It now accounts for 40% of all personal debt – more than credit card debts and auto loans.


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Depression is a liar. It tells you
everything is bad and that it
won’t get any better. It tells you
in your own voice so you’ll believe
it. It’s not that bad. Tell yourself
it’s not that bad. Say it in your own
voice so you’ll believe it instead of
waiting for someone else. It’s not
that bad. And even if it is, you’re
strong enough to get through it.
And even if you’re not, there is
someone to help you. Don’t listen
to that voice telling you you’re
alone. You’re not.

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For your viewing pleasure: a squirrel trying to bury an acorn in a dog.






La Secretaría de Gobernación inició un proceso administrativo para sancionar a la cantante pop Miley Cyrus, quien durante su show de este martes 16 de septiembre, en la Arena Monterrey, se inclinó para que uno de sus bailarines le golpeara los glúteos con una bandera nacional-


Lo curioso es que es el PAN quién pide la sanción siendo que ellos junto a los otros partidos  se limpian el culo diario con ella y la pinche constitución.

i hope they charge her 

Basically Miley Cyrus is in trouble with the Mexican government for rubbing a Mexican flag all over her fake butt that she was wearing. She could face a fine, like that matters, seeing as how she has plenty of money. Personally I don’t think it should be illegal to deface a flag, that falls under someone’s right to  freedom of speech. But Miley is being extremely disrespectful by doing this in Mexico, and this isn’t the first time she’s accessorized black culture or disrespected people’s culture/national symbols in general.


Mexico’s laws regarding the national flag differ from those in the United States. You can’t use the Mexican flag on shirts, or merchandise, let alone burn it or express your opinion destructively using it. I’m guessing it has a little to do with the nature of the flag’s design; the story of Tenochtitlán, founded by heeding a Mexica oracle, indigenous pride in all of that, and the history of colonization (which, ironically, provided impetus for that flag). Given Mexico’s past of occupation & revolution, laws are strict on certain political expressions—especially when it comes to outsiders.

Miley Cyrus would know nothing or care nothing for understanding any of this. She is of the vampire clan, puro appropriation, whitewash, & disrespect to raise her own profits. I heard she got fined 200K for this, I hope it’s true.

She also did this on Mexican independence day, which adds another layer of disrespect and a lack of understanding for our history and our culture. Also “freedom of speech” means different things in different countries. Just because she has an American sense of entitlement doesn’t give her the right to ignore local laws and customs due to ignorance. 



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Boba Fett
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