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Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

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The last time this happened, an Egyptian Pharaoh was there to see it.

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Delicious and spicy carrot spaghetti with ginger, garlic, chilli and lemon. Yummy :)…RECIPE

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A Restaurant Week Retrospective: Caprese salad at Sportello Boston [More Dine Out Boston]

A simple Caprese salad. Yet, when deconstructed, the Caprese salad is actually a wonder in itself - a combination of chewy Mozzarella with juicy, fresh tomatoes dripping with the tangy sophistication of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, sprinkled with pepper and made fragrant with basil leaves. Simplicity concealing brilliance is the essence of what healthy food should be, and it seems to me the essence of all the memorable food I had in Boston’s restaurant week. 

So, Sportello Boston. As we sat on bar stools surrounding the open kitchen, there was a vibe that can inadequately be described by the word “cool”- yet, those connotations of sunglasses-clad cats are the ones I associate when I try to describe the laid back yet undeniably bubbly atmosphere at Sportello’s. There is something about the spacing with the open kitchen - the creation of an eating experience that involved the customer, the active engagement of being able to see and the possibility of being able to influence the outcome of what would appear on your table as the final product - that solidified even the simplest meal as a memorable experience.

In that way, a kitchen is like a polity - by creating a more inclusive system by which to service the people, it may compromise the concrete yardsticks by which we commonly judge success, but the sense of active engagement empowers the people and in that way the service is in allowing the customers, or the electorate, to participate in the process of creating their own versions of success. In that way, an open kitchen is like Acemoglu and Robinson’s inclusive political system.

Paradoxically, when I think of a philosophy of social engagement like the one I see exemplified by a political “open kitchen”, it is not the fathers of Western democracy that I turn to but rather the Neo-confucian of the Ming dynasty, Wang Yangming. Whilst Wang Yangming did not advocate a political system that we commonly know as democracy, rather prioritizing the unity and coherence of the state, it was his belief in the importance of social engagement and more importantly the capability of everyone to achieve the “moral mind” vital to productive social engagement that I find most captivating. This is the trust given by the open kitchen - a belief that the customer is not simply a receiver of the output of the system but that they deserve a place within it, and can act with the responsibility that comes with that right. It may be controversial to be a proponent of Confucianism - or even Neo-confucianism - in an age where Chinese politicians have used these philosophies to justify atrocities in highly exclusive political institutions, but it’s important to acknowledge that the philosophy of active engagement is one that transcends ascriptive borders and is one that is empowering to us all - whether in the kitchen turned restaurant, or in the central government. 

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